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Re: OT: giant pipes down Portola Avenue in Santa Cruz andother natural reverbs

There's a MAJOR slalom, gs and downhill thing happening currently. This 
has led to the release of great new equipment with more stable trucks, 
better wheels and decks than were ever in production. It's a great time to 
get back into it!


>>> caliban@darklock.com 08/22/01 02:08PM >>>
On Wed, 22 Aug 2001 14:01:20 -0700, "Miko Biffle" <Miko.Biffle@asml.com>

>I was just skateboarding at lunch... we've been bombing hills 

Thank GOD. Sometimes I think I'm the last speed-downhill skater left on
the planet... not that I get to do it much out around here.