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Re: mics, MD field recordings

I have the baby Sony stereo mic which come with the newer version of the 
Walkman pro. It has a plug right on the mic, which can be plugged right 
into the input of the md player for a one handed carry. It's not as good 
as using a pair of condenser mics and the mic pre's in my Mackie, but it's 
not TOO far off.


>>> simon@jkean.freeserve.co.uk 08/22/01 11:02AM >>>
I have an upcoming vacation starting next week. Planning on hauling along 
tiny Sharp MD & baby Sony Mic. I got some good results travelling through
Europe last year. This year it's the States - bring on those industrial
tones New York!.


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> I have likewise been using a Sharp MD-MS702.  In my case with a Sony ECM
> 727P.  One of the best toys I ever bought.
> Dennis Leas
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