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Re: Repeater frenzy

ok. i'll just shut the f--k up then and wait for this d--m thing to show 

At 04:33 PM 8/22/2001, you wrote:
>  plexus@sympatico.ca writes:
>"i know you are just having some fun and that's cool. frankly, i think
>electrix handled this whole repeater thing badly. they still are. recall
>that the original release date was set for sometime around september 2000!
>i can't think of many other music equipment companies that have had the
>same kind of delays and lack of information on those delays (no pun
>intended) that electrix has had."
>Gibson kept me in the dark and fed me shit for almost two years before
>Echoplexes came back on the market after the big hiatus.     Electrix has
>handled this in far superior form.    They stayed in contact, they put up
>with the bitching, much of which was just plain childish, and they didn't
>just cave and put out a buggy product.   I've been dealing with equipment
>vendors on and off for 10 years.   Compared to most of them, Electrix is a
>class act.