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Re: Repeater frenzy

At 04:27 PM 8/22/2001, you wrote:
>On Wed, 22 Aug 2001 15:32:28 -0400, Brett Maraldo <plexus@sympatico.ca>
> >Frankly I think they should have done what any other mature equipment
> >company does
>Like, say, Sony.

exactly! you just described what electrix did with the repeater (except 
the 3-year hype).

>Personally, I am a lot more concerned with the quality of the product
>than I am with how fast it gets into my hands. Buggy software can be
>patched, but buggy hardware is forever.

amen to that, brother.

>Build a next-generation hardware device that makes everything else in
>the field look sick. Hype it for three years. Take preorders well in
>Then slip your release date several months and finally ship much fewer
>units than promised, creating an artificial demand which inspires
>consumers to pay inflated prices and have way too high an opinion of
>your product.
>Inexplicably turn your deliberate refusal to satisfy customer demands
>for timely delivery and an efficient supply chain into a rabidly loyal
>fan base willing to argue for months about why your product is as cooler
>than some other product, even when that other product is far from being
>released and has specs that make your product look like a toy.
> >Elexctrix, despite being a division of IVL, are clearly amateurs when it
> >comes to releasing product.