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Re: Where's The Repeater?

I'm not a mail carrier person but...It has not even been a week since they
left the factory.  I think one should expect it to take longer than that to
arrive at the distribution spoint,  get processed, and re-sent to the end

I have very little doubt that one will be arriving at my doorstep sometime
soon (LD Group Buy), but I am all for giving them more time to get
their job done.


Brett Maraldo wrote:

> I have a feeling that Electrix, although is saying they are shipping, is
> shipping limited quantities. This is taking waaaay too long. I'm about to
> give up.
> brett
> At 01:34 PM 8/22/2001, you wrote:
> >Yeah, how long will it take for shipment between Electrix and Alto 
> >Is Alto Music in New York state (can't remember)?
> >
> >Regards, Paul