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Re: mics, MD field recordings - level query

From: "Tony Moore" <tony-moore@juno.com>
> adjust levels on the fly. do any of the other portable md recorders allow
> for level adjustment while recording?


From: "MediaOne" <clifsound@mediaone.net>
> tHE sHARP md-ms702 HAS level meter fully adjustable while recording- 
> remem if it adds a little "beep" each time or not tho-

Yep, I can adjust my Sharp MD-MS702 recording levels while recording.
There's some option where you can disable the "beep" - definitely
recommended.  If you're using the mic input, there's a point in the level
adjustment where it briefly mutes the signals as it switches from "high
gain" to "low gain".  Annoying but I can put up with it.

I've never understood why the Sony portable MD recorder dis-allowed level
adjustment.  I've always really liked Sony products.

Dennis Leas