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Re: Where's The Repeater?

"That is not true-Alto Music had their orders in no later than anyone else-
 Most likely first-and in very large quantities-FYI"

You know this just not an issue.   Electrix made a bunch of these things,
and has pretty much bet the farm on them.   If you placed an order with
anyone, you'll be seeing yours shortly, and there will be enough left over
to take care of those sitting on the fence.   We've almost sold out our
first shipment already, and the only reason we have any left is that a few
people changed their minds since last fall and are happy enough woith their
RC20s.   Hell, we're still selling EDPs.

I very much appreciate the persistence and hard work of Don Goodeve and his
crew of maniacs who made this machine possible, and will now go back to
looping in whatever spare time I can chip off from actually working.