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Re: computer question

Hey Andy,
What do you want to do with this machine ?
Mainly midi or looping audio ?
The latter requires a very low latency soundcard etc etc. I use a laptop 
latency can be a problem. In fact the other day I "upgraded" to a machine
with much better specs, (more ram, faster processor etc) only to find that
the latency on it was 4 times as long !
Anyway tell us what it is you're after. There is plenty of expertise on 

>     Hello everybody,I hav a question for anybody who is looping live via 
> computer, wich copmuter could be a good start (without buying the
> latest-state of the art machine) if I want to start using a computer for
> live looping? what processor should I use? wich kind of sound interfaces
> you guys happy with?
>   thanx,
> A.