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polyrhythm multilooper

Hi Kim-

Last year, I poked my nose around on the LD mailing list, doing some 
development on a MSP-based multi looping tool. The vision was to have many 
tracks of simultaneous looping, with different lengths, playing at the 
same time. New tracks could be brought in live or from disk. I created a 
prototype version, minus store and retrieve, which allowed me to improvise 
many parts. One of the advantages this had over EDP is that it allowed me 
to build a piece up, down, or sideways-- weaving in new tapestries without 
the linear framework of a single delay line. The next step is to integrate 
real-time pitch and tempo shifting on each live loop to create a kind of 
live 'ACID', and to allow live resampling and cutting of loops triggered 
across a MIDI keyboard, which I think would be nice for performance. 

But then it occurs to me that I would be developing my own looper in 
parallel with Gibson. So why not collaborate? Since I've worked with 
microprocessor assembler up to C++ and Java, I think I have a good sense 
of what the hardware is capable of, and I certainly have a lot of vision 
invested in the future of this way of creating sound. 

Would you let me know what you think?

Jan P.

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