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MD field recordings

I've been using a portable md recorder for this purpose for a few years 
and wouldn't use anthing else. Its true that portable DAT recorders dont 
have the ATRAC compression thing that people are wary of with the MD 
but as for me, I only imagine i may be hearing this compression (more in 
almost subliminal kind of way than anything else) when someone mentions it 
in a post or something and then I get all paranoid and start listening to 
various MD recordings of mine, looking for it. If you ask me, music 
on an MD, if recorded well, sounds the same as your average CD. The thing 
with portable DAT recorders, if I remember correctly, is that you hardly 
any time at all before the batteries burn themselves out, interupting your 
When in Cairo I would clip a set of binaural mics to the balcony of my 
floor apartment and record the friday call to prayer (amazing sound). An 
hour and 14 minutes later I would return and there would be an hour and 14 
minutes worth of "field" recording on the MD.
just my 2 Cents

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