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Re: field recorders

Through out my career, I have used everything you might think of for field
recording ..... When I left the studio's I had to supply my own equipment
....... I use a Dat for my studio, but for field recording I recommend an
MD...... A lot of people will disagree with me! ..... it works just fine 
or me
....... is small ...... Your mike selection is imperative ....... Garbage 
garbage out ........ considering the price involved, you can do a fine job 
this medium.

klem klemmingberg wrote:

> All the recent talk of crickets, frogs, and cicadas put me to wondering
> what folks use for their field recordings.  I am actually looking 
> for something portable & battery powered for recording ambiences, sound 
> etc., & am unsure of what to get.
> I like the sound of a Nagra III, but it's bulky & a bit pricey.
> There's one of those little Marantz mono cassette numbers at a
> nearby music store, but I don't know much about them.
> I'm hesitant about MD because of data compression, but I'd be interested
> to hear what MD users think about them.
> Thanks
> T om