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Re: field recorders

> There's one of those little Marantz mono cassette numbers at a
>  nearby music store, but I don't know much about them.
>  I'm hesitant about MD because of data compression, but I'd be interested
>  to hear what MD users think about them.
MD, very portable, and excellent editing facilities.
having 74 mins record time(2x for mono), which you can edit leaves 
Sound quality depends on what you record, of course you don't get the 
variations of a cassette.
I've recorded a singing saz player outside a restaurant and got excellent 
But the waterfall just sounds like white noise.(too many different 
but where the water was bubbling gently it sounds great.
And the fluttering of a bat going close by the mic (clearly audible on 
headphones) didn't pick up at all.

...and watch out for the worst minidisc trick of all, if you wait too long 
before you press record the recording starts from the beginning of the 
and overwrites.(trauma)

portable DAT is the way to go if you're serious about recording sounds 
the MD might find difficult.

Also consider 
which mike?
what about windshields (can be essential)
check out the quality of mic pre-amp in whatever recorder, (very variable)

andy butler