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Re: field recorders

Radio Shack Optimus Micro-36 microcassette recorder.  Has surprised me on a
few occasions with the clarity with which it picks up sounds as far away as
40ft, even in the presence of sea sounds.  I got another one after the last
one conked out - 6 years of solid notetaking use.  $30.

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Subject: field recorders

> All the recent talk of crickets, frogs, and cicadas put me to wondering
> what folks use for their field recordings.  I am actually looking
> for something portable & battery powered for recording ambiences, sound
> etc., & am unsure of what to get.
> I like the sound of a Nagra III, but it's bulky & a bit pricey.
> There's one of those little Marantz mono cassette numbers at a
> nearby music store, but I don't know much about them.
> I'm hesitant about MD because of data compression, but I'd be interested
> to hear what MD users think about them.
> Thanks
> T om