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Re: First Looper Reminiscence

If you get Spark XL sound editor, it comes with a pretty sweet cleanup VST
plug in.


roberto wrote:

> ... memory lane ... 1970 or 71, Milan musical instruments fair, with a
> friend, sat at a piano and started looping, four hands and two voices. 
> they dragged us away we went on looping with our voices using as source 
> (rather unkind) sentences the stand attendants were addressing to us...
> In the same years with one of the bands I was playing with we did a lot 
> live acoustic looping (violin, guitars, mandolin, percussions, flute,
> clarinet, oboe, harmonium, ethnic reeds and strings...)
> I still have several cassettes of it, more hiss than sound left on them. 
> wish I could recover some of that stuff. Has anybody had any experience 
> digitising and "cleaning-up" old recordings from tape? Any suggestions
> regarding a good software (Mac) for the purpose?
> Roberto
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