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Re: First Looper Reminiscence

Great thread -

I recall and have some early recordings (my preteens, 82?) I did recording
onto tape, playing it back through my parent's stereo and playing against
it, trying to get triads to stack funny while starting stopping and
rewinding the stereo and recording the whole mess onto a boom box, its
almost interesting to listen to :-)
maybe a year or so later I bought a Scholz half rack sized delay and had
great fun with same.

BTW, it strikes me as I read all these reviews of early loopers that quite 
few of those early tools are still around (EBay, et cetera), and only
speaking for myself, I find that my desire to buy new(er) gear prevents me
from checking out some old tools which may better suite what i'm trying to
articulate that day, just thinking out loud, hmm maybe I should check out
some of those older DeltaLabs,...

best, PedrOOrdeP