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Re: First Looper Reminiscence

The first machine I had with enough delay time to loop was a nice Korg tape
echo, but the feedback would either fade away or turn to mush before I
could do much layering.

My first real looper was a Lexicon Prime Time II. I've forgotten exactly
how much delay time it had, but I seem to remember that by halving the
clock speed (and bandwidth) you could get 8 seconds or more of high quality
looping, with lots of overdub potential.

The PT 2 was a two tap delay with multi-waveform lfo modulation, envelope
following, infinite hold and rather luxurious on board mixing facilities.
One fun trick was to get a long ambient delay happening, then set one tap
to a very short (3-10 ms) delay and quickly mix in some heavy feedback from
that tap. Do this a few times and bask in wonderful, rolling, metallic
clouds... I wish I still had that machine!