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Re: OT Austin Douglas Touch Guitars

I just ordered mine-mahogany body with wenge fingerboard, passive
electronics.  I was back and forth between the Austin Douglas and a
Chapman Stick but the ADG looked cooler (good reason, huh?)  I should be
getting it in early November.  On the Stick-wire list, I put out a
question of what was better and the replies came back 50-50.  It is a
leap of faith on my part, never having even seen either a Warr or ADG
but Warr has a good rep so I went with them.  I'll be posting when I get
it and let everyone know how it sounds thru my Boomerangs, rack gear,

Mike Killian in St. Louie

> Luigi Meloni wrote:
> Hi all. I just found through a guitar site the link to austin douglas
> guitars. From the site they seem to be a cheap line of the Warr
> guitars. Has anyone here ever tried one? Can you tell me something
> 'bout them? I'm interested in one.