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RE: First Looper Reminiscence

It wasn't my looper but I was first introduced to the concept during a gear
failure my friend experienced during an open rehearsal his band was having.
He was a "Metal" guy who's band had opened for Metallica before they were a
household name. My friend was employing an old Echoplex (tape delay). 
a period of heavy headbanging, his EP malfunctioned, playing the same 1
second passage over and over. The band had to stop while my buddy tried
desperately to correct the problem. He was playing through three Marshall
stacks and the repeating passage was blaring for at least 5 minutes. He was
too drunk and stupid to just shut off EP or turn off his amps. He did clear
out everyone from the rehearsal hall (including his band mates). I, for 
thought it was kind of cool listening the degradation of the echo over the
belligerent screaming of my drunken friend.