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"Basic Intro" clarification

In a message dated 8/19/01 4:57:09 PM, landman@wco.com writes:
<< >on 8/18/01 7:05 AM, PMimlitsch@aol.com at PMimlitsch@aol.com wrote:
>> In a message dated 8/17/01 8:11:40 PM, caliban@darklock.com writes:
>> << using a single sample is just like using a
>> single note (or a sine wave): it's boring. >>
>> nothing is intrinsically "boring" - just people that are "bored" >>

Just to clarify, since people seem to be starting their "bored with "Basic 
Intro"" posts with my post.  My response was not in reference to the 
Intro" thread as a whole, just to calaban's one quote that I referenced.  
for one, find calaban's posts, and the "Basic Intro" thread, informative, 
inciteful, and quite refreshing, especially in light of the recent 
bashing evidenced in the "Repeater" threads.  Besides, if you find the 
Intro" thread "boring" you can always hit the ignore/ delete button.