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Re: OT Austin Douglas Touch Guitars

On Sun, 19 Aug 2001, Luigi Meloni wrote:

> Hi all. I just found through a guitar site the link to austin douglas
> guitars. From the site they seem to be a cheap line of the Warr
> guitars. Has anyone here ever tried one? Can you tell me something
> 'bout them? I'm interested in one.

Unlike the Warr line, the ADGs don't have the wonderfully shaped bodies
nor the higher-end active electronics of their big brothers. They're meant
to be more of a "production" instrument than the custom built nature of
each Warr. That being said, they are fine instruments. Back when Mark
started making the ADG line he was only building 10 string instruments.
When I contacted him about getting a backup emergency instrument for my
Warr 8 string, he built me the first 8 string ADG.


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