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R: First Looper Reminiscence

My first one was an old (late 70s - first half of the 80s) Eko analog delay
(no tape), which had a maximum time of 800ms. Compared to my first delay
line (the delay in the old korg a5 pedalboard (370ms) it seemed to me to be
a wonderfully long time to mess with. Then I found a used korg a1 (after a
pair of years). Boom - 2.6 secs of hold delay, and I could even join it to
another pair of fx. My old band couldn't understand what I was playing and
what I wasn't. The first time I played with them and the drummer stopped to
break our nervous system to listen. Great...:-):-)
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Subject: First Looper Reminiscence

> ah my first looper was some analog Ibanez pedal that I duct taped to my
> so I could screw with the knobs.  Probably around 1980 or so.  The first
time I
> used it live was at a highschool battle of the bands!  We were totally
> but afterwards kids from the other bands came over to see what the hell I
> doing.
> Mark
> >
> > >  My first quasi-looper was my friend's Casio SK-1.  The year was 
> > my first looper was either an mxr 1-second delay, or a lexicon
> > the year was..... hmmm..... don't remember..... 1974/5/6? eeeeaaaaagh.
> > best,
> > dt / s-c