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Re: Cottage Cheese, Hedewa, Rolling Stones, First Looper Reminiscence

scott_c_anderson@hotmail.com writes:
>Hedewa7, is hedewa from a Tibetan Buddhist word for a loud sudden, 
>startling sound made by a lama in the middle of people's meditation?
yup. or, it describes any circumstance of being 'shocked open'.
(and it's title of the first track on 'splattercell:::oah').

>In relatedly, Buddhist/sound subject matter, this morning "I can't get
>no satisfaction" reminded me of the "First Noble Truth" of Buddhism.  Have
>other people had that similarly non-transformative revelation?
i guess we all interpret pop-song lyrics through our own view(s), eh?

>  My first quasi-looper was my friend's Casio SK-1.  The year was 1989.
my first looper was either an mxr 1-second delay, or a lexicon 
the year was..... hmmm..... don't remember..... 1974/5/6? eeeeaaaaagh.
dt / s-c