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Re: MIDI live looping

> Yes, the velocity sensitivity is, well, sensitive.
> My ztar is still very new and so I'm still learning how to handle 
> properly. However, it seems to me, so far anyway, that the volume 
> I'm hearing are more the result of my inability to control pressure
> accurately. (I don't think we realize that our relative finger strength 
> almost always different - meaning, for one example, that our index finger
> always stronger than our middle finger. Moreover, we never really had to
> learn how to control this properly, or at least in this way, when we were
> learning a stringed instrument).

No - it's touch sensitive, at least mine is. The velocity response of some
of the buttons is different than others too - always has been. It's not
something one can 'learn' - it's beyond my physical ability to be that
subtle - it's not like sometimes I hit them louder, it's a case the
difference is indiscernably close, and the result is a full volume note -
not just one louder than I meant it to be.

I can do >ok< in the studio, cleaning up after myself, but there's no way I
would ever use it live, unless I found a solution.