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Re: (OT) Copyright in a Sampled World...

> From the critic's standpoint, theoretical interest is important. From
> the performer's standpoint, the practical interest of the piece matters.
> But from the lay listener's standpoint, it's only important whether it
> sounds good. I think that's why so many obviously untalented musicians
> become popular: they sound good. A performer may look at how they create
> music and go "why, it's all studio trickery" and turn up his nose. A
> critic may look at the structure of the music and say "why, it's almost
> childishly simplistic" and turn up his nose. But the public listens to
> the music and says "hey, that sounds good".

Yes, but the public are a bunch of brain dead lemmings. What makes a stupid
majority's opinion better than that of a few hypothetical, pretentious
individuals? You're right, the public aren't easily fooled; look at

I listened to your work, and as a performer I thought,"this sucks," but
anyone who with the skill to create this improvised, and on the fly, would
eventually make something interesting.

As a critic, I listened to it and thought, "this sucks," it doesn't say
anything that hasn't been said before; it's just filling space.

As a member of the public, I would just switch the channel back to Britney 
that's what all the my friends listen to these days, and she just did an
interview on MTV.