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RE: MIDI live looping

Yes, the velocity sensitivity is, well, sensitive.

My ztar is still very new and so I'm still learning how to handle velocity
properly. However, it seems to me, so far anyway, that the volume "errors"
I'm hearing are more the result of my inability to control pressure
accurately. (I don't think we realize that our relative finger strength is
almost always different - meaning, for one example, that our index finger 
always stronger than our middle finger. Moreover, we never really had to
learn how to control this properly, or at least in this way, when we were
learning a stringed instrument).

I am making progress however.

What say you Michael?


> The velocity sensitivity - I've never been able to get an even velocity
> response from mine. Every 5 note hits a 127, no matter what I do, unless 
> turn off velocity switching. Ok in the studio, but not when people are
> watching.