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OT: another ztaristarian (was RE: MIDI live looping)

Aw c'mon.  Don't set that expectation.  Open your mind dude!
(sways slightly, humming).  And even if you don't have buttons,
could you not control the midi looping functions with a foot
controller or something?

Mike, with a new Z2 he's working over

P.S.  I think the mini-Z is a great way to go.  Designwise I
think it's the most ergonomic, playable design.  I'm going to
freak out Harvey by seeing if he can take out some of the
controllers and mount the ztar neck into the body more so that
the angle is better for tapping - a mini-Z2 I guess.  (Don't cry
Harvey)  *-P

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> > Jonathan, I didn't know you were a ztarist!
> >
> >
> Yeah, I have the basic mini-Z. Unfortunately, no buttons, so
no OS upgrade
> for me. Besides, I'd never have the courage to use it live.