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RE: Basic intro (OT)

Title: RE: Basic intro (OT)

"Compose" from the Latin "com" + "ponere" = "to put together"

** a chef, collagist and corporate headhunter could all qualify under that deifnition.

A simple, inclusive term, but with perhaps less specificity than you'd like.

** well yeah. 'cause i see people labelled composers who really probably aren't  (in my narrow view) - - they write nice tunes and the music is good . . . but

I sometimes use "sound artist" when I don't want the
musico-historical reference.

** makes sense to me.

"Musical collage performance artist"
might be useful if it weren't so unwieldy.

** and people will start getting judgemental about it sounding pretentious or whotnot - - even though it could be way more descriptive.