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Re: Basic intro (OT) - Communicate or NOT?!

Michael K. >> i always thought i was a shallow person because i never knew 
what my music communicated.....

Caliban > Has anyone ever found a meaning in your music that was a 
completely new concept to you? ("Wow, I love the way you said [whatever]!" 
"What? Huh? Do I know you?")

Yes... that's actually quite common to get surprising feedback on a 
performance. I've gotten particularly consistent raves after what I've 
felt were horribly ragged, desperate performances where I was on the verge 
of giving up. You know... bad sound, failed equipment, the impression that 
my improv was going NOWHERE, etc. I think it's a cathartic response... an 
empathic bonding of sorts. Very strange. I've said more than once, "They 
like it RAW!" 

I was approached after a 45 minute epic sorta pastoral-set-gone-wrong (It 
became progressively more dark and brooding but retained a wide open 
feeling...) with the comment that my music was "Plaintive and emotional... 
just like the LOWING OF COWS." (This will be in the 'listener raves' 
section of my bio for sure!)  Once I quit laughing, we talked a bit more 
about how and why my music sounds that way, but I just loved the 

For the most part, I tend to follow my nose and ignore larger 
compositional and narrative constructs. Through listening and 
conversational response to what I hear, the natural evolution of a piece, 
(if I'm really listening) seems to communicate a 'story' more often than I 
expect. I view this as a form of 'letting go' and accepting the results of 
real-time interaction... it's a form of Buddhist surrender.  (12 step 
music addict meeting... "Yes! I am a musician... and powerless to affect 
change on my own... PLEASE!? God HELP ME?!"

On the other hand... I do a lot of thinking about context and want to 
develop my compositional side as well. 


Miko Biffle - Miko.Biffle@asml.com
"Running scared from all the usual distractions!"