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MIDI live looping

Hi everyone,

(First time poster - been reading the reflector long enough to be 
that this list is a place imbued with friendliness, benevolence and and 
immense amount of know-how :-)

Are there any people of experience with a simple MIDI "looping device" - I 
know, I know, it's called a sequencer - but most sequencers I've seen 
lend themselves well to a live loop-playing style I'd like to perpetuate: 
hands on the instrument (guitar, in my case) and feet on the pedals, 
buttons & twiddly knobs.

I'm using a (Line6) loop delay for "analog" (i.e. audio) looping but would 
like to have a second independent "digital" looping option in a MIDI 
connected to my guitar synth. Only thing is, ideally it would be as or 
nearly as simple as my Line6: record/overdub button, tap tempo button, 
reverse / half speed (oo, getting really fancy there). Not being entirely 
serious here but the main point is during a live performance, the basic 
buttons plus the natural inclination to repeat phrases are your best 
in terms of response / availability / predictability. Also I'd prefer it 
be a box sitting on the floor - call it guitaristic-compulsive stompbox 

Any recommendations? Thank you very much!


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