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RE: Basic intro (OT)

Title: RE: Basic intro (OT)

I think it's sort of like the parent/teacher difference. A teacher
influences many young minds, while a parent influences only a few -- but
the influences are very different. You can have a parent and not a
teacher, while you can't have a teacher and not a parent. The teacher
also has only a limited amount of control over the average child, while
a parent exerts a strong degree of control throughout the child's life.

** well being a parent i see both agreements and disagreements with your reasoning. having dealt with kids who bring home things that other parents say and do around their kids - - and then get transferred to mine (how did my 4-year-old son learn to say f****** b****?) - - i can assure you that it's one big interconnected ball of chaos.

But that's what I'm frustrated by. I can usually find something close to
what I want and tweak it to be closer, but it's still almost never what
I want. If I knew what to use and how to use it to get the sound I
wanted, I would. But I can't effectively define the sound I want except
to say "it sounds kinda like this but not quite".

** it's interesting to muse on the limitations of the technology or the grind between idealized sound in one's head versus the realization (by machines or people).

See, that's what live shows ought to be about. If you can't track the
crowd and have that give-and-take, you may as well be a CD. So if the
musical methodology doesn't fit that process, you either use a different
methodology or don't play live.

** actually, to me that is what my recordings are about as well (minus the crowd, who may or may not interact at all).