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I Need Radio Friendly Breaks !

I guess this thread is confusing, or maybe my request is not clear ? Let me explain in more succinct terms. I want a Vocal Drop (a term used in radio), that I can use to introduce my mixes. When I am mixing into a song I like to periodically remind my listeners who is mixing. So that point when one song mixes out into the next I use an "accapella break" that is mixed over that "segue" point. The example I used was "You are in the Mix With Dj Devious D!". (actually you guys can say what you want, just as long as it is in that same line of thought).

Now, don't worry, how I will get your voice in the mixed point, that is my job... but I need your help ! I will also add (with the loops) a .mp3 mix with the finished product, using your voice ! And that mix will be heard by 1,000's (I am on a College Radio Station, with low wattage..... but my Mix Show is one of the most popular show on the station).

Lucien E. Darthard
A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline Placed On It.
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Between points? What sort of "segue" would you need?

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What's a drop?

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I need a Drop for my radio show, something like "You Are In The Mix With Dj Devious D", I will take a MP3 or .WAV file !
Be creative... no music behind the vocal though, and you can use any effect you want. I can't pay you for this, because this is for a College Radio Station (we are non profit). Just make your magic and send the attachment to Dj_Devious_D@Hotmail.com !


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This thread is not exactly the most basic of intros anymore...

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