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RE: Basic intro (OT)

Title: RE: Basic intro (OT)

My contention is that there are two layers of art which then constitute
a third combined layer. The curator has made an arrangement, which is
art, and the artists have made... well, art. The two combined make an
exhibit, which is also art. Likewise with sample-based work: there is
the art made by the people I sampled, and the art of putting them all
together, and that results in a final work of art.

** ah, but the curator is doing it as a *presentation* of *other* people's art, not as a statement of *his/her* art. i think this analogy may be a little off from your intended artistic goals - - unles you are trying to do something as a presentation of other people's art and not as something of your own.

at least that's my take.