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Re: Basic intro (OT)

on 8/16/01 1:52 PM, Caliban Tiresias Darklock at caliban@darklock.com 
The practice of rewriting lyrics to
> popular songs is quite alive and well in science fiction fandom

On lifted riffs used in the context of a new work to add texture:

the theme song from the six milion dollar man (god bless him and rudy and
oscar and jamie and their little dog max too) was reconstitued in the
jupiter 8/PPG wave string line in Thomas dolby's "One of our submarines is
missing, to a chilling effect, and was also used in slow motion during the
scene in Terminator 2 in which Arnie is in that technology building toward
the end surrounded by cops that they end up shooting the crap out of and
blowing up.

If they aren't paying royalties on that they should be. Anyway, both part 
something that's pretty well regarded as original work.

How about Huey's "I need a new drug", "ghostbusters"that one from "ray
parker junior", M's "pop music"?. If you were to even try to imaging the
bass riff to these three songs in proximity they would beging to blur and
meld, dripping with sameness, yet all still regarded as unique creations 
certainly memorable ones.

No one's going to solve the whole (important) issue of people geting paid
for what they originate here, at least not in the space of a flurry of
emails, but  i feel these examples would support the work of Djs and 
users weaving original works as artists.