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Repeater Footcontroller, Oatmeal, Bodily Music

  I also am interested to hear what footpedals, footcontrollers people 
recommend to try with (or Electrix recommends with?) the Repeater.

[Dennis Leas]
few other products which have such a long lifespan without redesign AND
still perform at the top of their class (maybe oatmeal and FTP).

  mmm, oatmeal.

[jim palmer]
"Each generation of technology provides simpler ways to make music"
is anything simpler than whacking two sticks together.
maybe singing?

  breathing, heart beat, digestion?

Whacking two sticks together produces a very limited series of sounds.
When "sticks on logs" was presented, producing the first rudimentary
xylophone, a larger number of notes could be produced.
Singing requires a great deal of training and practice. When "blowing
through a shell" was presented, pleasant sounds could be made with much
less effort.
Technology simplifies the process of making music. It provides more
capability with less training. That's the entire point of applying it.

  As a shell blowing admirer who has struggled to get even one to make a 
pleasant sound even once, I think for some, singing is simplest, least 
effort-ful; for others, shell blowing is simplest, least effort-ful; and 
me, I blow hot air (and digest with a multi-octave, multi-timbral range).

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