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Re: Basic intro (OT)

On Thu, 16 Aug 2001 11:36:32 -0500, jim palmer <jimp@pobox.com> wrote:

>i think you are getting unnecessarily defensive.

I tend to do that. ;)

>>Okay, now that you've said "you're wrong and you're stupid",
>while i do think he implied that you were wrong, he did not say you are

The restatement was intended to be light-hearted, not accusatory. I
apologise for any perception that I was angry about something. 

>> perhaps you
>> could tell me exactly which set of blanket statements you have a problem
>> with...
>blanket statement #1:
>>"Each generation of technology provides simpler ways to make music"
>is anything simpler than whacking two sticks together.
>maybe singing?


Whacking two sticks together produces a very limited series of sounds.
When "sticks on logs" was presented, producing the first rudimentary
xylophone, a larger number of notes could be produced. 

Singing requires a great deal of training and practice. When "blowing
through a shell" was presented, pleasant sounds could be made with much
less effort.

Technology simplifies the process of making music. It provides more
capability with less training. That's the entire point of applying it. 

The statement is certainly not "simply untrue". 

>blanket statement #2:
>>"The previous generation, being jealous..."
>the previous generation of technology is jealous?
>older people are jealous of younger people?
>users of older technology are jealous?

I noticed this. It's probably the major foundation of the "age"
arguments; it's also a perfect example of "apply common sense".
Obviously, the intended meaning is USERS OF the previous generation. A
misstatement, but hardly a logical error. Once again, certainly not
"simply untrue".

>anyway you slice it, a blanket statement...

Wrong. "This isn't a universal truth, of course." It was never intended
to be a blanket statement, and I specifically noted that in the original

>blanket statement #3:
>"...claims the music isn't "real". "
>a whole generation of people (or users, or technology) can't make any 

However, a substantive portion of those people can and will have common
beliefs and opinions which constitute an implied claim. And, of course,
certainly not "simply untrue".