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Re: Sex [was Re: Basic intro (OT)]

I'm sure that people were arguing about painting like this back when
Impressionism was coming up.  As long as people keep asking "What the @#$ 
Art?" I think Art will still be interesting, and providing people with 
they didn't expect.  The introduction of new technology, just like
faster-drying paint, always brings a new crop of people into the fold - 
of which fade into obscurity or mediocrity, and some whose work lasts; all
of these folks have different motivations for doing whatever it is.

And yes, I've found it a great deal of fun in the past to create, after 
Studies have shown that the endorphines/etc flowing about in the aftermath
can encourage creativity.

Stephen Goodman
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> I like the sex metaphor, but maybe you're being a bit hard on the
> 'artistic merit' people. You can still fuck and loop afterall.
> :)
> Scott
> Caliban Tiresias Darklock wrote:
> > Some people don't make music out of noble goals like "artistic merit".
> > They just want to be *heard*. And, of course, other people just want to
> > make money (or achieve some other tangible return). And just like
> > movies, these three different goals can't generally be measured on the
> > same scale. You have the money makers, who are whores. You have the
> > popularity hounds, who are sluts. And you have the artistic merit
> > people, who are chaste. Each group wants to judge the others on its own
> > terms: amount of sales, number of fans, abstract notions of "art".
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