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RE: EDP as Sampler

I have never tried this myself with an EDP or really know how successful 
could be with it, but I would say that there are tools that are a little
more targeted to sample playback (including manipulation and destruction)
like the Yamaha SU200 and Korg ES-1.

What makes these particular tools great is that they have non-volatile
storage and you can easy load/store new samples on Smart Media which works
great with a computer, plus some on board effects and simple sequencing.

Put the EDP in the signal chain (before or after) with one of these tools
and I think you can do some awesome things.

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Subject: EDP as Sampler

This is about the more than one loops thread I sarted last night, but more
to the point--
What about having audio "loaded" into the EDP and triggering it back as
samples using MIDI?  Anybody found any satisfaction doing this?  Seems like
a good way to go--but it ties up the EDP (in some ways) so you can't use it
as a live looping instrument (as much).
Any folks tried this stuff?  (including Andre, Claude, Kim, etc.)