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David Beardsley wrote:

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> From: Luigi Meloni <Luigimeloni74@libero.it>
> > Has Dimebag Darrell ever used a 7 strings? Don't remember. Well, a 
> > Adrian Belew did something like that on the last K.C. concert in Rome. 
> I
> > think some Satriani or some Vai could do as well, but I'm not that 
> > of that, you know, with a floating tremolo it is a harder task to keep 
> > remaining strings in tune....
> Hmmm...wouldn't a violin have the same problem? One
> string broken would change the tension on the other three string.
> Yes? No?
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in theory correct, but in practice, i recall that tuning individual 
strings on
an instrument of the viol family is not as hectic as doing so on a
floating-trem equipped guitar, since tho the bridge is suspended, it 
ride on springs (insert image of golden gate rising slowly up and down 
fog on giant slinkys...); nevertheless i suspect it would throw the other
strings a bit (but not a lot) off...

lance g.