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Re: Stereo EDP/footswich problem

also, you might want to check that you didn't leave it in delay mode or 
something like that. (or just reset all the parameters to default to make 
sure it is in a normal state.)

or it could be the pedal or pedal jack jack has developed a short. that 
would act like the Record button was permanently pushed.


At 09:50 AM 8/15/2001, SoundFNR@aol.com wrote:
> > It now seems that my EDP master WILL NOT come out of REC mode - the 
> previous
> >  slave works fine with the f/s.
>When I had a problem like this it
>was because I'd put the attached footswitch
>to one side, upside down. So some of the
>switches were permanently on.

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