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Re: Basic intro (OT)


Excellent analogy!  In the computer business this is called "value added
reseller" and it is a creative way to make money from folks who do not have
the time or knowledge to do it themselves.  Another analogy would be the
morning newspaper comprised mostly of Associated Press "samples".  We will
soon have nearly everything that was ever written, filmed, sung, or played
digitized and available for repackaging and I think tapping into this vast
source of old content - and making it interesting in new ways - is 


on 8/14/01 5:18 PM, Tim Nelson at tcn62@ici.net wrote:

> Hmmmm, maybe, but here's an analogy: Restaurant A makes a fine artichoke
> appetizer. Restaurant B is famous for its rich, chocolatey Black Forest
> Torte. Restaurant C has had rave reviews for its pesto tortellini.
> Restaurant McD is well known for a burger with two all-beef patties,
> special sauce, et cetera, and has sold them in figures that would make 
> Sagan look like an understater.
> Now along comes a conceptual chef; let's call him Caligula Tiberius
> Whiplash. He opens a new, artsy eatery right there in the same 
> as restaurants A, B, C and McD. Now Caligula himself doesn't prepare
> anything from scratch. Tonight's special is a dish consisting of the
> aforementioned foods obtained by unspecified means from the neighboring
> restaurants and presented together on one big plate. It's bold and 
> and is artfully presented with an attractive cilantro and watercress
> garnish (that came from the tortellini place, but has been moved to the
> other side of the platter to be *creative*). Caligula's new place is 
> any other in town. It's kind of pricy, but the contrasts in tastes on 
> plate are unexpected and thought provoking. It can't be denied that
> Caligula is good at what he does, and he's looking forward to basing a
> career on similar combo plates of other cooks' cooking.
> But is he a chef? (How do you spell R-E-T-A-I-L?)