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Re: EDP Audio Path

At 06:37 AM 8/15/2001, M. Steven Ginn wrote:
>I was wondering, if the EDP is placed in the audio patch in series (for
>example, after compresssion and before effects), how is the signal
>passed through while the EDP is not being used?  Is it necessary to have
>another channel that is unaffected (non-looped) routed around the EDP so
>as to bypass the EDP if desired?  Or does the EDP have a bypass switch
>like other types of effects processors?

there is a direct path and a loop path. the two are mixed together at the 
output, and the levels of each are controlled by the "Mix" knob on the 
front. So for simple applications you don't need a mixer. (there are also 
input and output volume controls.)

There is some additional control you have:

- There is the "Mute" button that mutes the loop and leaves just the 

- If you have a pedal connected to the Feedback jack in back of the unit 
(which you would normally use for controlling feedback), there is a 
parameter option where you can have the pedal control the Loop output 
volume. This is under the Loop/Delay parameter, and is an option called 
"out". It only appears if a pedal is plugged in.

- If you use midi, you can assign a continuos controller to control Loop 
output volume.

For most people though, all you need is the mix knob and the mute button.


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