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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V01 #441

> I am still up for discussing the manual for the Echoplex with the 
>  members of this list--although Kim and Andre covered a lot of ground 
>  the thread on "record"!  Here's a potential topic for discussion--how 
>  people use separate loops, as opposed to constructing one big loop? 
Quite often I copy a loop so that I can break it down, then I
can go back to the original loop.
Setting up a few loops and swapping between them 
seems to need a bit of planning.
In particular I find that changing from one
multi-layered improv loop to another can spoil the continuity.
While its not a problem to set up a number of 
loops (without layering) which are suitable for 
alternation, currently I'm finding this to increase 
the tendency to make music which is essentially
soloist and backing. 
Currently I'm more attracted to the idea of the 
live input interacting with the loop. Getting
it to sound like the loop is kind of
spilling out of the live input.
If I use more than one loop I usually have 
more than one looping device, synced or not.
Sometimes the live stuff is fed to 2 unsynced 
Sometimes I set up one loop, freeze it, and 
work on another, usually unsynced.
When this is going on it helps to have 
a mixer, and a stereo system.
andy butler