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Re: frog sounds, etc.

Do you have legit public FTP?
Does anyone have some space for swapping (and of course thereby recieve 
own copies of the sounds)?
If we can;t arrange an FTP then emails under 2 meg are fine. With FTP I'll
happily download 50megs of samples as wav's.
For longer 'atmosphere' loops 20 seconds is a good length.
Am i being lame and greedy wanting other people to provide samples *and*
FTP? I hope not.

> > I do!
> > . . .
> > I'm interested in field recordings, and improvised-instrumentation
> > (saxophone,percussion, voice etc etc) which is different than the
> > psychedelic grind/mulch and bass/guitar I can provide myself.
> Sure, Jamie!  Let me know how much you need and how you want it.  (FTP is
> wonderful!)
> Dennis Leas
> -------------------
> dennis@mdbs.com