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Re: Servicing of EDP's

just as an update... i sent my edp in for repairs about three or four weeks
ago, since then i have had several unanswered phone calls, an email to the
address given below was returned to me. so as of now, i don;t even know if
the unit was received... gibson has not had a single person available to
speak to me and not one messsage has been returned. i am trying not to
worry.... but the utter lack of communication is not putting my mind at

has anyone had a repair done in the last month or so?  or had any
communication with shane radtke?

i'm guessing that the email address below should have been
shane.radtke@gibson.com....i'll try that one...

any help is appreciated.


 on 8/15/01 8:37 AM, Andy Ewen at andy.ewen@trace-elliot.com wrote:

> Yup, Shane Radke @ Gibson Strings & Accessories in Elgin Chicago
> (shane.radke@gibson.com).
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>> From: Gerry P [mailto:gerryp@air.on.ca]
>> Sent: 15 August 2001 13:07
>> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>> Subject: Servicing of EDP's
>> Is there anyone still servicing EDP's either in Canada or USA?
>> Mine seems to be in perpetual REC mode without the indicator
>> showing record.
>> Thanks in advance
>> Gerry
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