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Re: Basic intro

At 7:19 PM -0700 8/13/01, Caliban Tiresias Darklock wrote:

>So how do other people see this sort of thing? Do others use this kind
>of contextual mixing? Is the presence of obscure meaning in a song a
>bonus, or a liability? Is it even relevant? (Many electronic and
>loop-based musicians I've spoken to consider the "meaning" of a song
>unnecessary, a simple side-effect of throwing things together that sound
>good. I'm not going to start the "are lyrics important, or just another
>kind of noise you throw into the music" debate just yet; I've been
>blamed for starting flame wars with that too many times.)

That's pretty much what I've done in my intermedia performance works 
- basic collage techniques. I haven't used pop music so much, but 
it's essentially the same set of principals:  metaphor, metonymy, 
recontextualization, deconstruction, etc. I generally draw 
inspiration from 20th century modernist art movements (Futurism, 
Dada, Constructivism in the visual and performing arts and Joyce in 
particular in literature). It can get pretty convoluted and arcane, 
with a lot of private reference, but when I hear that someone "got 
it" I feel a particular satisfaction. Of course, most people don't 
"get it," which is why I'm not rich.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202