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Sp-202 loop pop

I was slapping a loop into my SP-202, a repeating pattern from a synth.
My problem was that regardless of how I set the length, I always got
a pop.  I sampled at different levels, through a compressor, etc.,
but still got the pop.  I don't know if this is  a common occurrence
with the sp-202 (I've only had it a couple of weeks, & this is the first
instance of this problem.)
My suspicion is that it has to do with varying volume levels & frequency
content at the start & end points (the synth patch has rises & falls, but
is never free of a little noise.)  I suspect the problem could easily
be solved by a crossfade function, which the 202 does not appear to have.
My questions are two:
1.  Any one have any suggestions for disposing of the pop on the 202?
2.  Are there any relatively inexpensive looping devices out there with
a crossfade feature of some sort.

T om