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Re: Basic intro

intrigued by the name "Tiresias" from Genesis' "Cinema Show", sometime in
high school(late 70's) i went to the library and started reading through
Greek mythology and seem to remember that "Tiresias" was watching Athena
bathe and got caught and blinded, but them she or someone felt sorry for 
and gave him the ability to foretell the future by reading the flight of
birds(which i was never clear on how he was able to do, not having sight 

or i could have very easily mixed it all up a bit over the years..?:)

Anyhow, great name!

on 8/13/01 4:28 PM, Caliban Tiresias Darklock at caliban@darklock.com 

>> Tiresias - The main character in my theater piece "soul murder"
>> thought that God was turning him into a woman.