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Basic intro


I'm Caliban.

I make music with loops and samples.

I tend to work with software instead of hardware. 

My latest bit is at ftp://ftp.darklock.com/pub/darksound/singa.mp3 if
anyone wants to listen to it.

That whole FTP directory is full of stuff I've done. Most of it sucks
infected monkey balls. I didn't know it at the time, because I was
stupid. It's only up there for hysterical raisins these days. I have to
this day never made anything that I actually thought was good. (I've
made things I *like*, but I wouldn't call them *good*.)

I tend to use the same samples over and over. Some of them are already
overused in the community. I get really annoyed when people complain
about that, like I didn't know I was doing it or something. 

I write long posts. Those posts assume a certain amount of common sense,
like whether "musicians" means "all musicians everywhere" or "most
sample-based musicians who use externally produced samples" when I say
something like "Musicians like samples to be ready-to-use without any
further processing." If you don't use samples, or always make your own
samples, it should be pretty obvious that the statement doesn't apply.
If I said *everything* with that level of specificity, my posts would be
three to four times as long. ("In general, most sample-based musicians
who use externally produced samples usually prefer that samples acquired
from the aforementioned external sources are clearly labeled, have been
sorted by genre and/or BPM when appropriate, were recorded at a
reasonable volume and quality, and are properly edited for time and loop
points such that they can be effectively used in a mix without any added
preprocessing excepting that which is necessary to add any additional
effects which may be desired in the final product.") Since my posts are
already long enough to get occasional complaints from people who don't
want to read that much, I tend to think that's a bad idea. 

I'm also something of an egomaniac. I think my two cents is more
important than anyone else's, because it's mine. I do, however,
understand that no matter how much I may like it -- it's still just two
cents. ;)

That's more or less it.

Nice to be here.