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Re: Vortex problem

Several of the presets in my vortex don't seem to respond the way they
should - notably deja vu (my favourite one) All I get back is a dry signal,
perhaps doubled :< Time to open the manual again.

> The problem is a faulty rotary encoder.  Mine did this a few years back
> it seemed a little worse than the symptoms you're describing.  Lexicon 
> very helpful in getting it fixed.  I had to pay their repair charge (I
> it was $49 at the time), but they fixed it right up.

It's $100 now, I believe.

On another note, a few months back there were several posts regarding
synching a vortex using the brother synch from an EDP. I've looked in the
archives, but just can't seem to find them. Does anyone have them handy?