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R: Audio routing

Steve, you can see a lot of different set ups in the archive.
the thing it seems everyone is trying to do is put the looper in a position
that allows it to record processed sounds, but also to process the loop
itself when it's been recorded.
you can use aux sends to feed its input and make its out come in through a
channel strip.
you can put other effects on the other auxes (making them come back in the
mix through channels, not with the aux returns).
the more auxes a mixer have the best it is for this topic, also they should
be pre-fader ones.
when you have just a few auxes you can find help with the alt. strips (the
ones you usually use for a multitracker recorder, also called "groups").
anyway, take a piece of paper, a pen and a bunch of short cables and have
fun, audio routing is a very fascinating thing to loose your head with and
it affects your style very much. (the best it would be let your style 
the audio routing)
my best,